How do I get paid?

We pay out instantly & directly into the smart contract!

For example, if an NFT costs 1 ETH (~$2000), we charge the buyer $2000 to their credit card and instantly mint & pay 1 ETH into the smart contract mint function. Same thing with Solana NFTs.

Currencies & blockchains we pay out:

  • Ethereum Mainnet - We only pay out ETH

  • Polygon Mainnet - We only pay out MATIC

    • We unfortunately do NOT support wETH as payment on Polygon

  • Solana Mainnet - We only pay out SOL

Looking for USDC as payment? Contact

How does fraud/chargeback work?

For most merchants, we handle fraud & chargebacks. Don't worry, since we pay out instantly into a smart contract, you still get your crypto payments. That's how confident we are in our fraud & chargeback tech 😉

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