🚨 You'll need to contact [email protected] for your API keys!
This set of APIs is for when you want to mint (free or paid) NFTs directly from a smart contract.
Because this API supports paid mints (e.g. we can mint NFTs that cost 0.05 ETH), usage of this API will require a signed business agreement.
An example use case is if a user buys a video game item as an NFT, you can collect the payment from Apple In App Purchases (IAP), and call this API to mint an NFT!
This API will return back if the mint was success or failure and additional details such as tx hash, token_id, and other details!
E.g. /mintNFT returns:
"success": true,
"txHash": "0x8259801df6220e4e47960fcdd0dff998973ee70bb1e24688370460fba8a8ae49"