Crypto pricing

Please make all testnet pricing 0.001 or under

Classic Winter: Hardcoded pricing

A typical Winter flow takes a hardcoded mint price:

  • You tell Winter the cost per mint during project setup

  • Your smart contract asserts that hardcoded cost in the mint function

  • In this case, we do not require your contract to have a price function.

Needs to be 0.001 or under on testnet

Optional: Dynamic pricing

Winter also supports dynamic mint prices set on your contract! If you want to change the price of a mint during the live, Winter will need the following:

  • Your smart contract contains a method that Winter can call to get the current price of an NFT, e.g. mintPrice()

During setup, you'll tell Winter the name of your price function, e.g. mintPrice. That's it! During checkout, Winter will call that function to get the cost per mint.

Once your project is live, you can update the mint price on your smart contract and rest assured that the new price is reflected on Winter.

Please make the price 0.001 or under on testnet

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