Winter supports whitelists & allowlists!
We support:
  • "Naked" address whitelists
  • Merkle proof whitelists
Make sure you whitelist the addresses we mint from! Our mainnet address is 0xd541da4C37e268b9eC4d7D541Df19AdCf564c6A9 and our testnet address is 0xe0CB05cBf3dBeb647394905848d9361Daa99dE28
For Merkle Proof whitelists, upload your FULL list of addresses in the Business Dashboard. Then, make sure the merkle root hash is the same. Then, we will construct merkle proofs and automatically send them in the mint function!
🚨If the merkle root hash is NOT the same, mints are guaranteed to fail!
We can handle lists up to 10,000 addresses. Email us at [email protected] if you anticipate more. We can handle larger lists but they may require use of our API!