Looking to build a bespoke experience with NFTs? This the set of APIs you want!
Email us at [email protected] to get your API key!
Some common use cases we serve:
  • Free NFT claims
  • Rewards/loyalty programs
  • Games with NFTs
  • NFTs backed with physical items
Note: We do NOT help write smart contracts! These APIs are for if you already have a smart contract and you need help claiming/transferring/distributing without wanting to pay gas.
In developer speak, we help manage all the "writes" to the blockchain! Like calling a state-changing function on a smart contract.
Some common reasons why people choose to use our API:
  • No need to manage gas fees (Winter handles this for you)
  • No need to manage custodial wallets
  • No need to manage nonces at scale
  • No need to build your own infrastructure (pay as you go)
  • Fully whitelabeled experience