APIs to build a transaction

This type of integration is where we call your API (e.g. `marketplace.com/buildTx`) and your API returns a transaction for us to sign!

This is the most common type of integration!

🚧 Coming soon - a self serve dashboard for you to integrate on your own!

These are the chains we currently support for this type of integration:

  • ETH


  • SOL

  • ADA

  • XTZ

  • AVAX

  • BNB

At a high level, your API should take in a few things (passed in this format):

  • tokenId

  • contractAddress

  • quantity (optional)

We then expect a complete unsigned transaction back, which we will then sign and submit using our own RPC!

To get started, email us at marketplaces@usewinter.com!

What does the API need to take and what does it need to return?

At a high level, your API should accept:

  • tokenId

  • contractAddress

  • buyerWalletAddress

It should then take this and return back a built transaction for us to sign.

Generally, you'll also need this type of transaction to send to a wallet, like Metamask!

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