Intro (read this first!)

What you need to know about Winter's platform API.

Welcome to Winter's Platform API!

The problem was there were a lot of no-code NFT creation platforms and launchpads that were interested in integrating Winter's checkout for their businesses. They had 10+ launches a day and all integrations were manual through our dashboard.

Now, we offer a way to create checkout's at scale via our API - everything can now be done programmatically!

Things to note:

A Winter checkout is predicated on a project ID -- the project ID is how Winter knows what UI to display and which NFTs to mint. The platform API gives you, a Winter user, a way to create and update projects.

Given a project ID, you can access your checkout as follows:


  • Get an API key from the Winter team!

  • Have your smart contract and project info ready -- let's have some fun!

You can use /createProject and /updateProject to make project IDs.

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