Build and submit a transaction

This type of integration is where we call your API (e.g. ``), we sign the transaction, and then we pass it to your API (e.g. ``) and you submit it to your RPC!

These types of integrations are for high volume marketplaces where having consistency is important! With this type of integration, you can control the flow and show all pending transactions (e.g. only allow 1 buy order on each NFT to prevent gas wars)

🚧 Coming soon - a self serve dashboard for you to integrate on your own!

These are the chains we currently support for this type of integration:

  • ETH


  • SOL

  • ADA

  • XTZ

  • AVAX

  • BNB

At a high level, your API should take in a few things (passed in this format):

  • tokenId

  • contractAddress

  • quantity (optional)

We then expect a complete unsigned transaction back, which we will then sign!

We then expect a second api to take in a signed transaction and return back:

  • isSubmitSuccessful

  • txHash

To get started, email us at!

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